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֍   Tell your story of transformative learning,
advocate and network at the partecipatory event:
European Manifesto for Inclusive Learning.
Challenges for adult education of the future.
Lecture hall of the Rectorate of the University of Florence
The planned  Event has been postponed to a new date to define, due to the spread of coronavirus in Italy.
The new date will be posted when the National Agency will inform that events can return to normality.


The Manifesto of Inclusive Learning puts each citizen with his/her cultural heritage at the centre of continuous education and recognizes the diversity of education and training approaches as an opportunity to promote social change and build a Europe for all from grassroots.
The Manifesto was co-created from the experiences of over 150 participants at the EPALE National Seminary "La Formazione Accogliente" (Welcoming training) held in La Spezia on 14-16 September 2017. Through the Manifesto the signatories design a shared horizon to their educational agency, putting in common objectives and language.  more.....
The Manifesto for Inclusive Learning project’s generative question has been:  how can adult educators be better prepared to mainstream key competences, to both autochthone and migrant citizens so that the latter can develop life and career management skills to better perform not only in the labour market but also in their own life project?
The Manifesto project develops an innovative Advocacy Toolkit as a result of exchange of practices and perspectives. In September 2017 the Italian EPALE Unit organized a national seminar on inclusive learning, based on sharing of experiences and visiting local inspiring projects, and a Manifesto for Inclusive Learning was conceived.  The current project builds on the Manifesto produced in Italy as this document is the heart of the project advocacy tool for adult educators. Through the Kit they are enabled to develop skills to advocate for inclusive adult learning in formal, non formal and informal settings active with migrants and asylum seekers.
The Manifesto project develops a European dimension through the exchange of practices in international meetings and short staff training. It develops the Tool Kit to contribute to educators' competences, and inspire them for action.
The Manifesto’s concept of adult education promotes open learning environments that overcome borders between formal, non formal and informal agencies.
It fosters increased knowledge and contamination of good practices for migrant adult education in EU countries, as well as increased skills of networking, advocating and designing at the local and EU level.



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